Business Flow



Continuously create new technology through basic research and applied technology research Develop basic technologies like gas analysis, numerical analysis and measurement control in order to fulfil customers' requirements Actively engage in joint development with other organizations, such as universities and public research institutions


Cooperate with sales team to determine the best system specifications which fulfil customer's requirements Design suitable systems by applying expertise in mechanical and electrical groups Cooperate with sales team to hold technical meetings with customers in some cases Visit sites to examine product operations


Directly contact customer and collect real time market information Responsible for product performance and product supply which are requested by customers Divided into domestic sales and overseas sales. Different PIC for each product/customer Cooperate with R&D, Design & Manufacturing Departments Overall control so that products can be delivered on time


Production schedule planning/management and manufacturing process management In charge of a series of operations from parts production, assembly, inspection to shipment preparation Ensure products are delivered on time In-house manufacturing of all parts and products The entire manufacturing process (from material processing, system assembly to end-product inspection) is completed in our own factory


In charge of internal & external logistics matters, such as cargo handling, storage, packaging and transportation Ensure compliance with laws and regulations for all domestic and overseas logistics matters (import & export) On-site confirmation at time of shipment


Acquire materials, parts and external cargo which are necessary for production Important role in QCD (purchase request preparation, vendor selection, price negotiations, delivery adjustment, etc.)


Manage company financial status to generate profits & assets Manage product and business costs, P&L based on sales, buying costs and other expenses Financial data becomes the basis of all company activities (business planning and management decisions)

HR & Admin

Manage company facilities, vehicles and real estate in consideration of a comfortable working environment Handle insurance, recruitment and education Focus on growth and development of employees in a better environment from aspects such as HR & welfare system

Service Engineer

Visit customers' site and take charge of installation/start-up of new system & maintenance after product delivery Strengthen customers' trust through speedy and accurate response & improvement suggestions


Prevent manufacturing of defective products Confirm and certify that end-products reach quality standards Aim to provide quality products to customers