A job that can contribute to the air pollution problem, a major social problem

O. T (Joined in 2008)

I sell abatement systems to semiconductor manufacturing customers in Japan. Worldwide air pollution is a problem that is not yet resolved even though times have changed. In other words, Kanken Techno's business opportunities will remain all over the world. I'm proud of doing a job that always confronts environmental issues at the forefront. We will continue producing the latest technology and improve ourselves, together with our customers.


Thanks to the environment that allows me to do research while taking care of my family

L. N (Joined in 2015)

I've liked Japan since studying at university, which is why I work here now after graduation. Initially I worked in the university lab, but I changed jobs after getting married. I got to know Kanken Techno after my professor recommended that I attend a 3-month internship. There are few female researchers in the company, but this environment allows them to work comfortably while taking care of their family. Therefore, I decided to join this company. People around me can understand when I need to leave early to take care of my sick children. They are willing to offer a pair of helping hands when you need it. Even though our research result may not be always satisfactory, I'm still happy to work with this encouraging team every day.


It's interesting when you see your own drawing become a real product

W. S (Joined in 2009)

"Design is not just looking at a drawing. You must go to the site and take a look.'' This is what I heard from the president during an interview. I was surprised by his words because previously I worked as a designer and I looked at a computer screen all day long. Now if I'm interested in the design of something, I can go to the factory and pick up the real thing immediately. In addition, we visit customers for delivery and inspection. It feels very worth it when you see the drawing you prepared become a real product and you can directly talk about it with customers.


Improvement proposal is accepted and in the end the best product is produced

H. R (Joined in 2014)

I'm in charge of system assembly & tubing and carry out airtight tests to check air leakage conditions. It is similar to a commercial refrigerator in terms of size. Parts produced by our factory are assembled one by one with our own hands. It is tiring, but exciting. Sometimes our improvement proposals are accepted. I feel happy when a better product is born from my own suggestions.

Service Engineer

The system is not everything, humans are responsible to make it complete

M. H (Joined in 2010)

Our technical service team is in charge of follow ups after products are delivered, regular maintenance and responses to customers' inquiries. When problems happen in a system, we do not only repair it, but always propose an improvement plan so that the system can operate efficiently and last longer. This is so called the ''Kanken Techno style''. Even though a system won't last forever, we always prepare ourselves and have a great sense of responsibility towards our job. When something happens, we can display our confidence to our customers.