Dec 1978 Founded ''Kansai Thermal Industry'' in Suita, Osaka
Set up Takatsuki office (Osaka) to manage design, manufacturing & workmanship of environmental conservation equipment
Nov 1980 Set up office in Tokyo
Dec 1983 Set up office in Niigata
May 1984 Set up office in Uozu (Toyama)
Aug 1988 Set up factory in Niigata
Jan 1991 Changed company name to ''Kanken Techno Co., Ltd.''
Jun 1991 Set up factory in Kyoto
Apr 1993 Set up office in Tonami (Toyama)
Aug 1993 Started domestic sales of KT1000 series (semiconductor exhaust gas abatement system)
Apr 1996 Started overseas sales of KT1000 series
Aug 1996 Established Beijing Kanken Techno Co., Ltd. (China)
Aug 1999 Set up office in Nagasaki
Oct 2000 Set up office in Ishikawa
Jul 2001 Set up office in Tohoku (Aizuwakamatsu)
Aug 2002 Set up office in Kanto (Hachioji)
Sep 2002 Set up office in Kumamoto
Jun 2003 Won Osaka Environment Awards
Nov 2004 Set up office in Oita
Jun 2005 Set up office in Mie
Aug 2005 Set up office in Hamamatsu
Sep 2005 Expand Kyoto factory and relocate HQ to Kyoto
Oct 2006 Established Kanken Techno Pte Ltd (Singapore)
Aug 2007 Set up factory in Uozu (Toyama)
Oct 2007 Established Kanken Techno Korea Co., Ltd
Jul 2008 Established Taiwan Kanken Techno Co., Ltd
Set up factory in Daito (Osaka)
Dec 2008 Established development centre in Niigata
Jan 2009 Set up branch office in East Japan (Hachioji)
Jul 2009 Set up factory in Tainan (Taiwan)
Sep 2010 Won ''Ozone Layer Protection/Global Warming Prevention Award - Merit''
Apr 2012 Won ''SME Excellent New Technology/New Product Award''
Jul 2012 Established Kanken Techno (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
Sep 2012 Won ''Nagaokakyo City Environmental Capital Award''
Jun 2014 Won ''Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry SME Chief Award''
Dec 2015 Established Kanken Techno Thailand Co., Ltd
Won ''Global Warming Prevention Activity Minister of the Environment Award''
Sep 2016 Set up factory in Pinghu (China)
May 2017 Set up office in Yamagata (Tsuruoka)
Jun 2019 Set up office in Kitakami