Company Overview

Name: Kanken Techno Co., Ltd
Establishment: Dec 1978
Representative: Director, Mr. Imamura Hiroshi
Employee: 440 persons (Group 1,000 persons)
Sales: 112 hundred million Japanese Yen (Group sales) in 2018
Transaction Bank: Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Shin-Osaka branch, Kyoto Bank HQ, Mizuho Bank Kyoto branch
Address: 【HQ/Factory】
Ota 30-2, Kotari, Nagaokakyo, 617-0833 Japan
TEL:075-955-8823 (HQ Representative)
FAX:075-955-8910 (HQ Representative)
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Certification: ISO 9001:2008,ISO 14001:2004 (HQ/Factory)
License: Kyoto prefectural governor license mechanical equipment setup operation/piping work operation
  • 2009
    ''13th Ozone Layer Protection/Global Warming Prevention Award'' - Merit
  • 2014
    ''40th Excellent Environmental Equipment Award''
  • 2015
    ''Heisei 27 Global Warming Prevention Activity Award'' by Minister of the Environment
  • 2017
    ''20th Ozone Layer Protection/Global Warming Prevention Award'' by Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry