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Exhaust gas abatement system
Culminative scrubber & thermal oxidation technology! The one and only gas abatement system in the industry.
Electric heater type abatement system
KT1000 series
Electric heater type gas abatement system. This has patented scrubbers at front and back end. It is suitable for gas abatement for CVD process, etc..
Atmospheric plasma type abatement system
KPL series
Atmospheric plasma type gas abatement system. Due to stable direct current plasma high temperature, persistent PFC gas like SF6 and CF4, etc can be decomposed and purified.
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High efficiency small scrubber type abatement system
KW series
High efficiency small scrubber type gas abatement system. Equipped with two units of scrubbers, can handle water-soluble and hydrolysable gas efficiently.
Absorption dry type abatement system
KD series
Absorption dry-type gas abatement system. This safely handles AsH3 and so on which needs hermetically-sealed treatment.
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Catalytic ozone type abatement system
Catalytic ozone type abatement system which handles vent gas of O3. Due to internal catalyst, it can handle and decompose O3 compounds efficiently.
Small VOC deodorizer system
Small VOC deodorizer system using an electric heater and catalyst. It can save space, is easy to install and has low running costs.
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Direct combustion deodorizer
Directly handles gas with the combustion method. It has an efficient and compact design.
Catalytic combustion deodorizer
Handles gas with low-temperature combustion method using a catalyst. Due to a highly efficient and longer lasting catalyst, this saves energy.
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Organic solvent collection system
Suitable for collection of CFC and C2HCI3, etc..
Scrubber system
Handles dust exhaust gas efficiently. It is possible to handle high temperature gas and corrosive gas simultaneously.
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Rotally dehumidifier system

Uses a honeycomb silica-gel rotary without using LiCI.
VOC concentrated deodorizer system

Honeycomb rotary type
գ anneal system
Improved mechanical intensity of Low-K film,etc...
UV anneal equipment for semiconductor processes.
UV anneal
This machine combines UV with heater treatment.
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