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Kanken Techno:Professional Manufacturers of Environmental Preservation Equipment
Since the establishment of Kanken Techno,the company has been conducting business as a professional manufacturer of environmental preservation equipment (air pollution control equipment) with the motto,Keep our Environment Clean-Recycle Energy.

Kanken Techno is a venture company that was founded 30 years ago.Since its inception we have consistently developed equipment related to environmental preservation.It is our credo to manufacture equipment to abate hazardous gases resulting from LSI,LCD,LED and Photo Voltaic industries,as well as greenhouse gases and VOC emissions.

Cumulative ozone depletion,global warming and extreme weather conditions have been strongly correlated with the increase in global population,industrialisation and urbanisation.The importance of global,environmental protection activities could not be more emphasised in light of recent natural catastrophes.

In Japan,The Law Concerning the Promotion of Measures to Cope with Global Warming, legislated under the Kyoto Protocol,was revised to enhance the effectiveness of environmental protection.This movement promoted restraint in the use of fossil fuels which leads ultimately to CO2 emissions and the culmination of artificial greenhouse gases(PFC,HFC,SF6) In addition,the Pollution Control Act was revised to promote restraint in the use of VOC(Volatile Organic Compound)emissions,which is the cause of photochemicals oxidants.Kanken Techno is intent on being part of the solution;therefore we promote the use of all renewable energy such as solar cells,hydro power and wind farming.

Our abatement system technology utilizes electric heaters,with a high efficiency heat exchanger,which contributes greatly in reduction of CO2 emissions.In the near future we expect to be able to contribute to exhaust-heat recovery in big scale plants,saving energy and cost.

We are proud that we,Kanken Techno,are playing an important role in contributing to society by applying latest technology and technical expertise accumulated over the years,thus,leading to a brighter and more prosperous society.We will continue the challenge with courage towards our aspirations.We sincerely thank you for your tremendous support.
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